Fatma Dabo



With a height of 5’10”, Fatma Dabo admits that she has a very strong walk almost similar to a robot. Still, she has been told of her modeling potential at a young age. She already appeared at a fashion show in Gambia when she was 14 years old. Her favorite supermodel is Lauren Hutton, and she enjoys working the runway to the tune of “Freaks of the Industry” by Digital Underground. If she wasn’t busy modeling, she’d be busy wielding her pen and writing fiction.

Hoping to make her modeling dreams a reality, Fatma Dabo became known for being one of the contestants on Lifetime’s Models of the Runway. She joined 15 other hopefuls for a chance to make it big in the industry, by appearing on the sister show to the successful Project Runway. Things heated up as they were paired off with designers and they get picked off one by one each week. She was the eighth to be eliminated from the competition, and has since continued her career in modeling.

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