Erik Knudsen


Date Of Birth

March 25, 1988


Canadian actor Erik Knudsen, who was born on March 25, 1988 in Toronto, Ontario broke into the acting scene when he played Young Tom Canboro in the 2000 film Tribulation. Since then, he went on to appear in Saw II, where he played Daniel Matthews, and Bon Cop, Good Cop, where he played Jonathan Ward.

He also appeared in Blackout as Ian Robbins, Stolen Miracle as Tommy, Full-Court Miracle as TJ Murphy, The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio as the young Rob Ryan, Booky Makes Her Mark as Arthur Thomson and A Lobster Tale as Timmy Brock.

Erik Knudsen also appeared on television series Doc, The Guardian, Blue Murder and Kevin Hill. In 2003, he began to play the lead role in the children’s comedy series Mental Block, portraying the character Donovan McKay. In 2007, he was cast for the role of Dale Turner in the CBS post-apocalyptic drama, Jericho. Other credits of his include Real Kids, Real Adventures and Santa Who? He has starred in many made-for-television movies, including Common Ground, Stolen Miracle, and Full-Court Miracle.

In 2002, Knudsen was nominated for a Young Artist Award for his performance as a guest star in The Guardian.

Erik Knudsen played Dale Turner in the post-apocalyptic drama, Jericho, which was cancelled by CBS. However, the show’s fans have put in much effort, thus convincing the network to put back the show on air. As gratitude to the fans of Jericho who helped revive the show, he wrote, "You have made me very proud to be part of all of this. Like you, I will be doing my best to keep Jericho alive."

When the series failed to pick up, Eric Knudsen landed a role in the TV production A Teacher’s Crime, playing the character Jeremy Rander. He later appeared on an episode of Flashpoint, and has signed on to appear in the film adaptation of Youth in Revolt.

Currently, he stars in the Showcase scifi series, model Continuum.

Place of Birth

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Erik Kenneth William Knudsen




- Scream 4 (2011)
- Beastly (2011)
- Saw V (2008)

- Continuum (2012-present)
- Jericho (2006-2008)

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