Eric and Lisa



The Amazing Race 15
Starting Line - Last Place/Eliminated *

1st Team Eliminated - 9/27/2009

* - Were eliminated at the starting line as they were unable to locate one of eleven license plates with a specific Japanese symbol in the first task.

Note: They were the first team ever to voluntarily leave the show instead of spending the remainder of the Race at the Elimination Station. As a consequence, they were not present at the Finish Line and had no knowledge of the final outcome of the Race.

Eric and Lisa are one of the teams on the fifteenth season of The Amazing Race. They have been married for the past 18 years, and both serve as owners and instructors of four yoga studios, while also touring the country holding workshops. Both are also vegans.

Eric Paskel, 41, hails from Encino, CA. The more carefree of the two, he easily trusts others more than his wife.

Lisa Paskel, 43, is also from Encino, CA. She thinks her ability to see people for who they really are will come in handy during the race.

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Eric and Lisa


The Amazing Race, Season 15, 12th Place

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