Eric and Danielle


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The Amazing Race 9 Results: 2nd & 8th Place

The Amazing Race 11
1st Leg: 4th Place
2nd Leg: 4th Place
3rd Leg: 3rd Place
4th Leg: 2nd Place
5th Leg: 6th Place
6th Leg: 5th Place
7th Leg: 5th Place
8th Leg: 5th Place (worked together with Joe and Bill in the Intersection route marker)
9th Leg: 3rd Place (Yielded by Dustin and Kandice)
10th Leg: 4th Place/Non-elimination leg
11th Leg: 3rd Place * (Yielded by Oswald and Danny)
12th Leg: 2nd Place
Final Leg: WINNERS

* - Arrived in 2nd, but were issued a 30-minute penalty for being "Marked for Elimination" and did not arrive at the Pit Stop in 1st Place. Only Charla and Mirna were checked in ahead of them with approximately 14 minutes left of their penalty time before their penalty time expires, thus falling to 3rd. Oswald and Danny still checked in last and were "Marked for Elimination".

Eric Sanchez came from Lauderdale, Florida. He studied at Johnson County Community College and became a very active athlete during his school years. Previously, he worked as a waiter and a bar tender. At present, he is dating Danielle.

Danielle Turner came from Staten Island, New York. She graduated from Wagner College. Though she has limited experience when it comes to traveling, she enjoys and looks forward for the adventure.

Eric and Danielle were known as part of the "frat boys" and as part of "Double D's & The Pinks" respectively, on The Amazing Race season 9. They ranked 2nd and 8th place correspondingly. On The Amazing race season 11, they are known as the "dating" couple.

Eric & Danielle were invited to participate in The Amazing Race: All-Stars Edition. They were the WINNERS of the Amazing Race: All-Stars Edition. They ultimately have won the Amazing Race: All Stars title and the one million dollar prize over Dustin and Kandice.

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Eric and Danielle



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The Amazing Race, Season 9, Runner-up & 8th Place
The Amazing Race, Season 11, Winners






No Babies On The Race! – A letter from Jeremy and Dani to Eric and Danielle, read aloud by Eric

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