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Enigma Dance Kru is a group from Tampa, Florida.  Founded in 2002, the dance crew has traveled to Japan, Germany and USA and has earned respect and fame for their talents.  They performed for various artists like Nina Sky and Bennie Man, and also opened for Usher.  The group was also seen at The Ellen Degeneres Show and on the film Bring It On: In it to Win It.  They also appeared in advertisements for Checkers & Rally’s Restaurant and performed on several stage productions including Katonga, Shakespeare in the Park, Chocolate Nutcracker and Sesame Street Live.

Kevin Jaquez

Twenty-two-years-old Kevin “Nova Jay” Jaquez hails from Tampa, Florida.  At the age of 14, he already started auditioning and touring with different artists.  He works full-time at a supermarket owned by his uncle, and does shows with the Kru around their town.  Aside from dancing, his other interests include tumbling, playing the saxophone and singing.  This guy also has a penchant for Batman.  He looks up to the dancing styles and stage presences of James Brown, Michael Jackson and Usher to name a few.  He gets his inspiration from his family who’s been very supportive of his career choice.  By joining Dance Crew, he hopes to show the world how much the group loves what they do.  For Jaquez, the way the group dances convey that they live for the moment.

Noel Beltran

Noel “Rerillian” Beltran’s dancing career can be traced all the way back from his high school days.  This thirty-year-old man used to perform break-dancing for talent and multicultural shows during his teenage years in Tampa, Florida.  To sustain his daily needs, he works as a maintenance person for a local retirement center full-time and he dances for Busch Garden on a part-time basis.  Aside from dancing, he enjoys sports, racing and playing the piano.  In joining Dance Crew, he hopes to be able to gain respect as a dancer.  He admires celebrities like Michael Jackson, James Brown and Iron "Flipz" Velez, but in real life, his inspiration comes from music, dope dancers that make it, Enigma Dance Kru and the hip-hop culture itself.

Matthew  Frascello

Nineteen-year-old Matthew “Ill Matic” Frascello from Catskill, New York started dancing at the age of five.  He took up Culinary Arts and dreams of becoming a renowned chef.  This Italian man also confesses to being a certified pasta addict.  He currently works at the Busch Garden and performs as a dancer and an acrobat on the show Katonga.  Aside from dancing and cooking, he enjoys other activities like drawing, stunting, snowboarding, skateboarding and free running.  He looks up to the dancing skills of Dave Scott, Michael Jackson, John Travolta and everyone in the Enigma Dance Kru.  Whenever he’s up on stage, he makes sure that he dances with his mind, body and soul.  His focus for his craft is also his inspiration.

Jodi Hebert

Twenty-seven-years-old Jodi “Flava J” Hebert originated from St. Petersburg, Florida.  She started on a church dance team where she also helped with choreography.  She later spent her days teaching classes in the mornings, and dancing in nightclubs during the evenings.  Hebert is a dancer, dance teacher, personal trainer and a fitness instructor all-in-one.  It would be a mistake to mess around with this woman because she is trained in martial arts with two black belts.  She looks up to Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Chris Brown, Ciara and Usher.  Her inspiration comes from her students.  She says that she finds it amazing and surprising how determined, motivated and committed the kids are in making a better dancer out of themselves.  In joining Dance Crew, she hopes that her group will gain great exposure so that they can expand their dance opportunities.  Being the only dancer in the family, she also strives to make them proud of her accomplishments.

Sasha Brens

Twenty-one-year old Sasha “StarR” Brens was born in Bronx, New York but was raised in Orlando, Florida.  She started her dance career when she was 13-years-old by trying out for a high school dance team, and from then on, this woman hasn’t stopped.  She is currently taking up Criminal Justice in the University of South Florida.  Aside from being a full time student, she teaches hip-hop and jazz to kids at Tampa Prep Middle School to pay her bills.  She lists Janet Jackson, J'onte, Danielle Pllancho, and Flipz as her dancing idols.  But she considers everyday life as the essential source of her inspiration.  For Brens, dance can be seen in everything.  She believes that all body movements can relate to the art of dance, as well as to the flow of the air and the trees.

Eddy Vorasane

Eddy “Edderz” Vorasane is a t22-year-old man from St. Petersburg, Florida.  He started dancing during his middle school days.  When he was in high school, his career took off after he did shows for a dance studio.  He makes money by performing at local clubs around town.  Aside from dancing, he enjoys beer pong.  He looks up to his own crew and considers the group as his source of encouragement.  Feeling that he’s already been dancing for a decent amount of time, he hopes that by joining Dance Crew, he will be able to make his mark in the dancing world.

Noel Areizaga

Noel “Mouse” Ariezaga was born in Yonkers, New York.  This 25-year-old man started dancing in 1996 and worked as a performer in a theme park in 2002.  Aside from dancing, he also has the talent for beat boxing, writing poetry, rapping and being an emcee.  Asked on whom his idols are, Areizaga replies with a statement that “idols are false.”  For him, there’s something unique and special about every dancer.  But he considers the Enigma Dance Kru as something to look up to.  He is easily moved by music and is deeply inspired by life.  By joining Dance Crew, he hopes that viewers will be able to see and appreciate the culture, the passion and the reason behind their performances.

Enigma Dance Kru is a finalist for MTV’s 2008 reality talent search Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew; where hip-hop dance groups from all over US compete for the prize money and for the opportunity to be given a touring contract.

(Photo courtesy of MTV)

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