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Elissa Slater, the sister of former houseguest Rachel Reilly, is one of the cast members of Big Brother Season 15. She lives in Kannapolis, N.C. where she works as a nutritionist. She describes herself as ambitious and intriguing, and believes that being a listener is the key to winning the game. In week one, she won the MVP and nominated David, who eventually ended up going home. In week two, Elissa became the MVP yet again and nominates Jeremy, who then uses the PoV to save himself. Elissa then nominates Nick in Jeremy's place. In week 3, she predictably became the MVP and nominated Spencer (instead of Howard whom McCrae and Amanda wanted her to nominate). In week 4, she was nominated by the MVP (America) as the third nominee but she won the PoV and saved herself. In week 8, she was nominated by HoH Aaryn, along with Helen. She then won PoV and saved herself from the block. In week 9, she became HoH and nominated Aaryn and McCrae. In the double eviction of week 10, she was evicted with 3-0 votes.



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Big Brother, Season 15

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