Eddie McClintock



Actor Eddie McClintock was born on May 27, 1967 in North Canton, Ohio. He graduated from the Wright State University in Dayton, holding a degree in business communications. It took him a while before finding his way in acting, though—he worked several jobs, at different points working as a production assistant and a wrestler, before finally pursuing an acting career before pushing 30.

McClintock began taking guest roles in television, appearing in shows such as Ned and Stacey, Diagnosis Murder and Holding the Baby. His first regular acting gig was in the comedy series Stark Raving Mad, which premiered in 1999, taking on the supporting role of Jack Donovan; the series was cancelled after only one season. His next regular role would arrive in 2006, in another quickly-cancelled sitcom, Crumbs. He would, however, appear as a guest in many other television series, as well as recurring roles in Bones, Friends and Desperate Housewives. He is currently starring in the upcoming series Warehouse 13.

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