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From Chicago, Illinois comes nursing student Ebony Morgan, who initially entered Cycle 9 of America's Next Top Model as someone who wanted to create a lot of drama in the house. However, upon realizing that it won't work, she decided to enter the competition as herself, in time to land a spot in the final 13 contenders.

As soon as Ebony encountered her first challenge with the girls, she immediately underwent some hardships, as she struggled to fit her character. The then 20-year-old aspiring model had difficulty translating her beauty into film, and thus earned a spot in the bottom two. Fortunately, Ebony was spared for another chance. It took a couple of more episodes for Ebony to regain her composure and finally show some improvements to the judges. She even impressed Mr. Jay with her improvements in the episode entitled "The Girl Who Is Afraid Of Heights," but was also cautioned about her uptight in-person appearance. In the episode "The Girl Who Gets A Mango," Ebony landed in the bottom two with Ambreal Williams. However, just before Tyra called Ebony for her last photo, Ebony declared that she decided to quit the competition and go home because she realized that she misses her family, and that modeling was not her calling. This then gave Ambreal a second chance at the competition. Ebony is the second contestant to quit America's Next Top Model, with the first being Cassandra Whitehead from Cycle 5. After leaving, she returned to dental school and pursued her studies.

Exclusive Interview with Ebony Morgan

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Place of Birth

Chicago, Illinois

Birth Name

Ebony Morgan



Fun Facts

- When she and Ambreal were in the bottom two, she denied the chance to continue in the competiton and Ambreal was given a second chance.


2007: America's Next Top Model (TV series) - Herself

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