Dustin and Kandice


Date Of Birth



The Amazing Race 10
1st Leg: 4th Place
2nd Leg: 5th Place
3rd Leg: 4th Place
4th Leg: 7th Place
5th Leg: 2nd Place
6th Leg: 2nd Place
7th Leg: 1st Place
8th Leg: 1st Place (worked together with Erwin and Godwin in the Intersection route marker)
9th Leg: Race Continues
10th Leg: 2nd Place
11th Leg: 4th Place/Non-elimination leg (Use the Yield on Lyn and Karlyn)
12th Leg: 4th Place/Eliminated

Note: Dustin & Kandice were "marked for elimination;" however, since they were arrived in last place, they were eliminated without being issued the 30 minute penalty.

9th Team Eliminated - 12/3/2006

The Amazing Race 10 Result: 4th Place

The Amazing Race 11
1st Leg: 6th Place
2nd Leg: 6th Place
3rd Leg: 4th Place *
4th Leg: 5th Place
5th Leg: 2nd Place
6th Leg: 4th Place
7th Leg: 1st Place
8th Leg: 3rd Place (worked together with Charla and Mirna in the Intersection route marker)
9th Leg: 1st Place (Use the Yield on Eric and Danielle)
10th Leg: 2nd Place
11th Leg: 1st Place
12th Leg: 1st Place
Final Leg: 2nd Place

* - Arrived 4th, but they had missed the clue to the Detour, having simply arrived by chance at one of the options. As a result, they were forced to backtrack and retrieve the clue before they can check in again. Ultimately, though, their mistake did not affect their placing.

Dustin-Leigh Seltzer (formerly Konzelman) is a beauty queen who previously competed in the Miss America pageant. She came from Puyallup, Washington and graduated Magna !$#!# Laude from California Baptist University with a degree in speech communications. In addition, she also held the Miss San Diego 2005 title and won the Miss California 2005 title as well.

Kandice Pelletier was born in Marietta, Georgia. Previously, she was a contestant in the Miss America Pageant and a former Miss New York, Rockette. She describes herself to be charming, strong-minded and energetic. In addition, she is fond of dancing, running and doing Pilates.

Dustin and Kandice were known as the "Beauty Queens" on the reality television show The Amazing Race season 10. They met at the Miss America pageant and were rivals at first. Eventually, they bonded and became very good friends. Despite having personalities that are worlds apart, when combined, they become highly competitive and determined to win at any cost. Unfortunately, they were eliminated on the 12th leg and ranked 4th place.

Dustin & Kandice were invited to participate in The Amazing Race: All-Stars Edition. They finished in 2nd Place. They were so close to become the first all-female team ever to win the Amazing Race in history but they lost the Amazing Race: All Stars title and the one million dollar prize to Eric and Danielle.

(Photos courtesy of CBS)

Place of Birth

Dustin- Puyallup, Washington

Kandice- Marietta, Georgia

Birth Name

Dustin Leigh Konzelman

Kandice Pelletier


.both female

Fun Facts

Dustin is the oldest of 6 children. She has 5 brothers

Dustin and her Family form the Konzelamn Family Band


.Miss California and Miss New York 2005


The Amazing Race, Season 10, 4th Place
The Amazing Race, Season 11, Runner-up






I Covered His Mouth, Oh My Gosh! – Dustin

"The Way You Look, Yeah" – A local in Kuala Lumpur to Kandice

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