Duane Lee Chapman


Date Of Birth

January 21, 1973


Duane Lee Chapman is the son of Duane “Dog” Chapman and La Fonda Darnell, and one of the stars of the reality series Dog the Bounty Hunter where he is billed as "The Normal Guy" due to his clean-cut hair and tattoo free skin.

During his younger years, he got involved at the wrong side of the tracks but has since realized that gang life was not for him. He eventually got exposed to the bounty hunting business with his dad and other siblings. He also ventured into business with his brothers Leland Chapman and Wesley Chapman, forming the company Chapbros Media and launching a website talent contest application called Show Off.

Aside from working as a bounty hunter, Duane Lee has also worked as a carpenter and financial consultant.

Place of Birth

Pampa, Texas

Birth Name

Duane Lee Chapman II



Fun Facts

- Duane Lee is Dog's second born child.

- He has a son named Dylan Chapman who attends Kaiser High School.




2005-2010: Dog the Bounty Hunter (TV series) - Himself
2008: Celebrity Family Feud (TV series) - Himself
2006: Dog: The Family Speaks (TV movie) - Himself






"I used to have a Lhasa Apso dog named Chewy, and a little Chihuahua named Chip. But when I got divorced, I lost all my pets. So I'm starting over now."

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