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Dominique Reighard, a receptionist from Columbus, Ohio, became known as a contestant on America's Next Top Model cycle 10.

During episode 2, on the Top Model makeovers, Dominique's makeover included a short cut and a dark brown dye for her hair. Later on, her hair was re-dyed dark blonde.

On the seventh episode, Dominique, Stacy Ann and Whitney won the go-sees challenge and were rewarded with photo shoots for Seventeen magazine's June issue.

On the show, Dominique's poses were compared to that of a ballerina. However, she ran into trouble while in the house. In one episode, Claire scolded Dominique because the latter's alarm clock woke her up. It wasn't the first time that the sleeping period of the other girls were disrupted by her alarms. Annoyed with the noise, most of the girls sided with Claire.
Dominique has one child but she remains unmarried. On the show, Dominique was seen calling her mom and saying that the other girls were ganging up on her. There was also a time when Dominique was feeling sick but the other girls continued to act rudely towards her. Claire, Whitney and Lauren badmouthed Dominique even if they were all in the same room. It was after midnight and Dominique was trying to get some rest so she told the girls to take their nastiness and attitude somewhere else. The girls just ignored her and continued to talk about her as she tried to sleep.

Dominique also had a word fight with Whitney after the latter said she had no respect for Dominique. Whitney also attacked her lack of education. She responded by calling Whitney a racist.

Leaving the show, she was later cast in Modelville and used her know-how to win over fellow finalist Renee Alway. This enabled her to become the face of Carol's Daughter and was seen in numerous print ads and runway shows since. She soon returned to America's Next Top Model Cycle 17, also dubbed the All-Star Cycle. There, Dominique joined other alums for another shot at the title. The winner will be receiving a special spread in Vogue Italia and a contract with CoverGirl cosmetics, in addition to joining the Express fashion campaign and a chance to become a correspondent on Extra.

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Columbus, Ohio

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2008: America's Next Top Model (TV series) - Herself


"I wanna be like Mother Teresa, but more like a Diva."

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