Doda Rabczewska


Date Of Birth

15 February 1984


Dorota "Doda" Rabczewska, often referred to among fans as "the world's most beautiful genius," was born February 15, 1984, in Ciechan?w, Poland.

Originally a track and field athlete, Dorota decided to forgo athletics in her teens to begin vocal training with famed teacher Elzbieta Zapendowska while simultaneously performing in the Buffo Theater in Warsaw. At the age of 16 the burgeoning rock star became the lead singer of the band Virgin, a Polish pop group formed in 2000 and nominated for a Fryderyk award in 2002. While their first album "Virgin" made the Polish charts at #31, the young pop group's second and third albums, "Bimbo" and "Ficca," topped them at #1.

As the band's notoriety grew, so did Doda's. The same year Virgin released its debut album, the young star participated in the Swedish reality show Bar, a program reminiscent of Survivor meets Real World.

In 2004 Dorota became an official member of Mensa International and in 2005 she married the Polish goalkeeper Radoslaw Majdan. That same year she posed nude for Polish Playboy and participated in the Sopot International Song Festival, winning the Srebrny Slowik Music Award. By 2007 Doda had moved on from Virgin, beginning her solo career with the album Diamond !$#!# which went triple platinum.

Today Dorota is one of Poland's most decorated musicians with 31 wins and numerous other nominations to her name.

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