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Dionne Walters was 20 years old when she tried out for America's Next Top Model. She was the tenth girl eliminated from the show, particularly because she had a hard time softening her facial expressions. After leaving the show though, she managed to get signed with Eye Candy Model Management.

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Episode 1: Political Views


Episode 2: High School Clich├ęs

The Bad Girl

Episode 3: Candy

Episode 4: Murder Victims

shooting victim

Episode 5: Drag

Power couple

Episode 6: Personas

Episode 7: Past ANTM Cycles

Dionne with Kim Stolz from Cycle 5

Episode 10: Swimsuit

Women's Magazine

Men's Magazine

Episode 11: Tribal Dance

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Place of Birth

Montgomery, AL

Birth Name

Dionne Walters




2007: America's Next Top Model (TV series) - Herself

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