Dennis Haysbert


Date Of Birth

June 2, 1954


American actor Dennis Haysbert was born on June 2, 1954 in San Mateo, California. He played football as a high school student, playing defensive back for his team. He was offered multiple athletic scholarships, but he instead pursued an acting career, initially training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He began acting for the screen in 1978, when he played a guest role in the award-winning drama Lou Grant. His early career was almost entirely focused on television, with roles in shows such as Laverne & Shirley, Quincy M.E., Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Magnum P.I., Off the Rack and Just the Ten of Us.

Haysbert’s first major film role came in 1989, when he starred opposite Wesley Snipes, Tom Berenger and Charlie Sheen in the comedy Major League. Here, he played the role of voodoo-practicing Cuban baseball player Pedro Cerrano, who is perhaps best known for the line: “Is very bad to steal Jobu’s rum; is very bad.” He reprised this role in the film’s two sequels, in 1994 and 1998 respectively. Some of his other memorable films include Navy Seals, Love Field, Mr. Baseball, Random Hearts, The Thirteenth Floor, and Far From Heaven, where his portrayal of gardener Raymond Deagan won him several acting awards.

On television, Haysbert is perhaps best known for his portrayals in the action series 24. The show’s first season revolved around an assassination attempt on his character, Senator David Palmer, a popular and charismatic leader who is running for president. He appeared in the show’s first five seasons, eventually being elected as president, and his actions sometimes proving helpful to the CTU’s operations against counter-terrorist plots. His character was ultimately assassinated in the fifth season. His next major television role was in the military drama The Unit, where he played Sergeant Major Jonas Blaine, the officer-in-charge of the Alpha Team.

Place of Birth

San Mateo, California

Birth Name

Dennis Dexter Haysbert



Fun Facts

He enjoys golf, tennis and scuba diving.

He is also a certified Deep Sea Diver.


2000 - Saturn Award for Best Genre TV Supporting Actor for Now and Again

2003 - Black Reel Theatrical for Best Supporting Actor for Far from Heaven

2003 - Golden Satellite Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, Drama for Far from Heaven


The A-Team (1983)
Dallas (tv series, 1984)
227 (1986)
Major League (1989)
Navy SEALs (1990)
K-9000 (1991)
Mr. Baseball (1992)
Love Field (1992)
Return to Lonesome Dove (1993)
Suture (1993)
Alex Haley's Queen (1993)
Major League II (1994)
Heat (1995)
Waiting to Exhale (1995)
Absolute Power (1997)
How to Make the Cruelest Month (1998)
Major League: Back to the Minors (1998)
Superman: The Animated Series
Now & Again (1999–2001)
The Minus Man (1999)
Random Hearts (1999)
The Thirteenth Floor (1999)
Love & Basketball (2000)
What's Cooking? (2000)
24 (2001–2006)
Justice League (2001–2004)
Far from Heaven (2002)
Jarhead (2005)
The Unit (2006–2009)
Goodbye Bafana (2006)
Breach (2007)
The Details (2010)
Race (Mamet play) (2010)
Vanilla Gorilla (2011)




6' 4 1/2" (1.94 m)


"I think I'd make a great superhero. I'm serious. I want to play a superhero and I've already got one in mind. I think I've still got the body for the costume and it's something I really want to do."

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