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Twenty-six year old realtor DeAnna Pappas from Newnan, Georgia was a contestant on The Bachelor season 11, featuring entrepreneur and bachelor Brad Womack . She made it to the final two and Brad planned to propose to her, even flying her father out for the event.  On the morning of, he had a change of heart and broke up with her instead. 

DeAnna demonstrated her assertiveness and independent nature during The Bachelor, setting her apart from the other women. She is an interesting combination of Greek ancestry on her father's side and a mix of many ethnicities -- including Native American -- on her mother's. Growing up in Kentucky with her older brother, Thomas, and younger sister, Chrissy, DeAnna's parents divorced when she was six. Her mother's ultimately fatal battle with cancer meant that DeAnna was raised primarily by her aunt and grandmother, and when her mother died -- DeAnna was 12 -- she moved to Georgia to live with her father.

Given this family history, DeAnna wants to make sure that she gets married and plays an active part in her children's lives. She truly believes, after coming so close on The Bachelor, that she will be able to find that special someone from the 25 lucky guys on The Bachelorette.

No shrinking violet, DeAnna juggled playing softball, being vice president of both her junior and senior classes in high school and working with Habitat for Humanity through her church as she was growing up. Industrious and versatile, she has worked in a variety of jobs since she was 14, and had her first managerial position at 19 for a restaurant/bar. In fact, she showed off her top bartending and cooking skills on The Bachelor. DeAnna additionally enjoys white water rafting and camping with her friends and family, and has traveled all over Europe.

A 2005 graduate from Georgia Military College with an Associates Degree in General Studies, DeAnna received her real estate license from the Gaddy School in Georgia in 2006.

After her heartbreak on The Bachelor, ABC selected DeAnna as their newest Bachlorette in the fourth installment of The Bachelorette , where she looked for love with 25 new men. At the end, she chose snowboarder Jesse Csincsak.

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Campbellsville, Kentucky

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DeAnna Marie Pappas



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"I cannot date someone who smokes. That’s a definite no-no. If he’s wishy-washy and doesn’t know what he wants, that’s another no-no. Anything else, I’m pretty open to."

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