David Anders


Date Of Birth

March 11, 1981


David Anders began acting at a young age, appearing in several school plays, but it took him longer to take full interest in it: he was also into sports such as basketball and tennis during his high school years. After appearing in several high school productions, he finally decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

Anders made his on-screen debut as a guest on the TV series So Little Time. In 2002 he received his big break, when he took a role in the spy series Alias. While his character - the villainous Julian Sark - was initially penned as a guest role, he was made a regular; he stayed until the series wrapped in 2006. In between he continued appearing in several independent films, as well as a handful of off-Broadway plays.

After Alias ended, Anders took a recurring role in Heroes, appearing as legendary figure Adam Monroe. In 2010, he appeared in the final season of 24, playing remorseful villain Josef Bazhaev. In 2010 he took a recurring role in the CW series The Vampire Diaries.

Place of Birth

Grants Pass, OR

Birth Name

David Anders Holt



Fun Facts

- He used to work in retail sales and taught tennis for a living just to make ends meet while he was pursuing his dream.

- Despite being cast in British roles, Anders is not of British descent.




- The Source (2002)
- Circadian Rhythm (2005)
- ELI (2007)
- The Revenant (2009)

- Alias (regular, 2002-2006)
- Grey's Anatomy (recurring, 2007)
- Heroes (recurring, 2007-2010)
- 24 (recurring, 2010)
- The Vampire Diaries (recurring, 2010)






On his costume in Heroes: "Oh, hotter than Saigon in '62. It was very, very hot. ... It's like forty pounds of metal in like a hundred-degree weather, running through a burning village to boot. It's become a second home…if home was some sort of special torture device."

"Ten years from now I want to be a successful working character actor who still loves what he does."

On working with Lena Olin: "It was amazing! I’d been a fan for so long – I’d seen her in The Importance of Being Earnest. She was an absolute delight."

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