David and Connor



David O’Leary works in Investment Properties where he purchases and operates investment properties around the United States.

Connor O’Leary is a Professional Cyclist who races bikes professionally for a Pro-Continental team Bontrager/LIVESTRONG and also races for the Under 23 USA National Team.

David and Connor are father and son.

They were forced to withdraw from the race due to medical condition, making them the fourth team to be eliminated on season 22 of The Amazing Race. David and Connor have joined The Amazing Race, Season 24 (All-Stars).

Place of Birth

Salt Lake City

Birth Name

David O’Leary
Connor O’Leary



Fun Facts

David O’Leary and Connor O’Leary joined the Amazing Race team as a father and son duo. David is 58 and Connor is 21. They were one of 11 teams in season 22

David and Connor state that the accomplishment they are both proud of is conquering cancer. Both David and Connor are cancer survivors.

Connor's biggest pet peeve about his father/teammate is the way he chews his food. He says David chews his food incredibly loud and for a long time.

David and Connor believe that by joing the Amazing Race they will have an incredible experience together and wants to show the world that anything is possible and that cancer survivors can come back from incredible odds and do hard things.


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