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The Amazing Race 10
1st Leg: 10th Place
2nd Leg: 7th Place
3rd Leg: 7th Place
4th Leg: 5th Place
5th Leg: 7th Place/Non-elimination leg
6th Leg: 1st Place with the Fast Forward
7th Leg: 6th Place/Non-elimination leg
8th Leg: 6th Place/Eliminated * (worked together with Lyn and Karlyn in the Intersection route marker)

* - Arrived 5th, but were issued a 30 minute penalty as they were "Marked for Elimination" and did not arrive at the Pit Stop in 1st. During this time, Lyn & Karlyn (the only team trailing David & Mary at that point) were able to check in about 10 minutes after the penalty started, David and Mary were knocked out of the race.

7th Team Eliminated - 11/5/2006

The Amazing Race 10 Result: 6th Place

The Amazing Race 11
1st Leg: 9th Place
2nd Leg: 9th Place
3rd Leg: 9th Place/Eliminated

3rd Team Eliminated - 3/4/2007

David Conley, Jr. is a 32-year old coal miner who came from Stone, Kentucky. He is married to wife Mary. Previously, he served in the Army before becoming a coal miner. He expresses himself as someone who is outgoing, a risk taker and a hard worker. In addition, his has a huge phobia of spiders and deep water.

Mary Conley is a 31-year old homemaker who came from Stone, Kentucky. She has 3 children with husband David. She met her husband while working at McDonald's a decade ago. She describes herself as cautious with a huge doze of perseverance.

David & Mary were the husband and wife team on the reality show The Amazing Race season 10. They were part of the Six-Pack alliance with the teams of Cho brothers of and . They joined the show to prove that they are strong and do not easily quit. Unfortunately, they were eliminated on the 8th leg because of the 30 minute penalty as they were "MARKED FOR ELIMINATION" and did not arrive at the Pit Stop in 1st Place but only have 20 minutes left of their penalty time and ranking them 6th place.

David and Mary were invited to participate in The Amazing Race: All-Stars Edition, They were the 3rd team eliminated in the 3rd leg.

(Photos courtesy of CBS)

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David and Mary



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The Amazing Race, Season 10, 6th Place
The Amazing Race, Season 11, 9th Place






"Real Fast! Quack! Quack!" – Mary
"Oh, Wow! It’s Like One of Those Things You See on TV!" – Mary
"I Know Phil, Little Ol’ Gorgeous Thing" – Mary
Maybe Steven Segal [sic] Will See Me And Want Me to Be in One of His Movies – Mary

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