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One of the contestants featured on the fourth season of Beauty and the Geek, David Olsen is a double major in physics and astronomy at Wesleyan University and a native of Paramus, New Jersey. He is a fire department administrator in Somerville Massachusetts who does not know where or who he wants to be in five years. During his free time, he enjoys live action role playing (L.A.R.P.), board and video games.

Dave was paired with nanny Jasmine . He won three challenges in a row, beginning with the salsa dancing challenge in the episode "Viva Mexico!" During this episode, Dave also successfully demonstrated his round-off back-handspring to the amazement of his fellow contestants as well as viewers at home. He also won the flair bartending challenge in "Raising the Bar," as well as the vineyard challenge in "Whine and Dine," in which the pair tied together like in a three-legged race, collected and smashed enough grapes to fill three wine bottles with grape juice.

In the Comicon superhero challenge in the seventh episode "Super Geek," Jasmine and Dave created Jasmine's superhero alter-ego, Princess Bed-Head. They came in second in this challenge.

They entered the final two with Sam and Nicole , and emerged as winners of Beauty and the Geek season 5 after America's vote. After the show, he invested the money and donated some of it, in addition to keeping his job.

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