Dave Foley


Date Of Birth

January 4, 1963


Canadian Dave Foley was born on January 4, 1963 in Etobicoke, Ontario. He is an actor who started his career immediately after dropping out of high school. He did stand up comedy for a year then went on to take improv classes where he met Kevin McDonald, giving him a job as an usher at a local theater. Kevin McDonald, together with Dave Foley founded The Kids in the Hall. Soon after that he appeared in different movies including the comedy The Wrong Guy, A Bug's Life, cameos for Toy Story 2, Cars and voice-overs for South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. Other movies include Monkeybone, Blast from the Past, Sky High, and On the Line. Appearances on television shows include Becker, Just Shoot Me!, Las Vegas, and Will & Grace. He married Tabitha Southey in 1991, had two children and divorced in 1997. He married Crissy Guerrero in 2002 and had a daughter.

Dave Foley is the judge for Thank God You're Here, a US TV series which basically showcases actors and actresses who have to act without a script to lead them, except for the costumes that would give them a clue to the identity that they're supposed to be playing. Everyone aside from the principal actor has a script except that they have to act in a sketch, meaning that it doesn't end until the buzzer says so. Every time an actor comes in, they are greeted with "Thank God you're here!" as the sketch goes on and on. He later got cast in the CBS comedy How to Be a Gentleman, with Kevin Dillon and David Hornsby. He was also on Desperate Housewives, the series Dan vs., and had appearances on How I Met Your Mother and Friends with Benefits.

(Photo from 2001 Premiere of On The Line © 2006 Kevin Mazur/Wireimage)

Place of Birth

Etobicoke, Ontario

Birth Name

Dave Foley


2011: Dan Vs. (TV series) - Chris
2011: How I Met Your Mother (TV series) - Mr. Bloom
2011: Desperate Housewives (TV series) - Monroe Carter
2011: How to Be a Gentleman (TV series) - Jerry
2011: Friends with Benefits (TV series) - Keith
2011: Life with Dad (short) - Dad
2011: Goose on the Loose - Randall (voice)
2010: Leverage (TV series) - Eben Dooley Jr.
2010: Prep & Landing Stocking Stuffer: Operation: Secret Santa (TV short) - Wayne (voice)
2010: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (TV series) - Principal MacIntyre
2010: Fallout: New Vegas (Video Game) - Yes Man (voice)
2010: Making a Scene (TV movie) - The Director
2010: Vampires Suck - Principal Smith
2010: Hot in Cleveland (TV series) - Dr. Moore
2010: The Soup (TV series) - Grownup Pageant Princess
2010: Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town (TV mini-series) - Levon Blanchard/Marilyn Bowman/Doc Porterhouse/…
2010: Less Than Kind (TV series)
2009: Prep & Landing (TV short) - Wayne (voice)
2007-2009: The New Adventures of Old Christine (TV series) - Tom
2009: Suck - Jeff
2009: True Jackson, VP (TV series) - Ted Begley, Jr.
2009: The Strip - Glenn
2008: Buddy 'n' Andy (short) - Mr. Davidsonton
2008: Stargate: Atlantis (TV series) - Malcolm Tunney
2008: Brothers & Sisters (TV series) - Paul
2008: Coopers' Camera - Bill Davidson
2008: Robson Arms (TV series) - Chuck Hoskins
2008: In Plain Sight (TV series) - Horst Vanderhof
2008: The Temerity of Zim (short) - Narrator (voice)
2008: Carpoolers (TV series) - Mr. Latero
2008: Carfuckers (short) - Henry Ford
2007: Little Mosque on the Prairie (TV series) - U.S. Consulate Clerk
2007: Thank God You're Here (TV series) - Himself - Judge
2007: Paradise (short) - John
2007: Slacker Cats (TV series) - Cult cat
2007: Postal - Uncle Dave
2007: LA Blues - Neil Schwartz
2007: Netherbeast Incorporated - Henry Welby
2007: California Dreaming - Stu Gainor
2007: The Batman (TV series) - Francis Grey
2006-2007: Scrubs (TV series) - Dr. Hendrick
2006: Tom Goes to the Mayor (TV series) - Dr. Dave Foley
2006: Lovespring International (TV series) - Timothy
2006: Cars - Flik Car (voice)
2005: Hot Properties (TV series) - Ted Begley Jr
2005: Sky High - Mr. Boy
2005: Father of the Pride (TV series) - Kelsey Grammer's Cat (voice)
2005: Las Vegas (TV series) - Mertens
2005: Testing Bob (TV movie) - Andy Savage
2004: Childstar - Philip Templeman
2004: Intern Academy - Dr. Denton Whiteside
2004: Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story (TV movie) - Principal Warrick
2004: I'm with Her (TV series) - Principal Harris
2004: Will & Grace (TV series) - Stuart Lamarack
2004: Ham & Cheese - Tom Brennemen
2004: Employee of the Month - Eric
2003: Grounded for Life (TV series) - Derek Purcell
2003: Lilo & Stitch: The Series (TV series) - Priest
2003: My Boss's Daughter - Henderson
2003: Grind - Tour Manager
2003: The King of Queens (TV series) - Psychiatrist
2003: Odd Job Jack (TV series) - Gary Gerbil
2003: The Toronto Show (TV series) - Various
2002: What's New, Scooby-Doo? (TV series) - Laslow Oswald
2002: Fancy Dancing - Nat Porter
2002: Stark Raving Mad - Roy
2002: Swindle - Michael Barnes
2002: Just Shoot Me! (TV series) - Jay
2002: The Tick (TV series) - Francis Peacock
2002: Run Ronnie Run - Network Executive #1
2001: Sketch Pad (TV series) - Kids in the Hall
2001: Becker (TV series) - Owen
2001: On the Line - Higgins
2001: Committed (TV series)
2001: Monkeybone - Herb
2001: What's Up, Peter Fuddy? (TV movie) - Peter Fuddy
2000: CyberWorld (short) - Hank the Technician (voice)
1999: Toy Story 2 - Flik the Ant (voice)
1999: Dick - Bob Haldeman
1999: South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut - The Baldwin Brothers (voice)
1995-1999: NewsRadio (TV series) - Dave Nelson
1999: Blast from the Past - Troy
1998: A Bug's Life (Video Game) - Flik (voice)
1998: A Bug's Life - Flik (voice)
1998: From the Earth to the Moon (TV mini-series) - Alan Bean
1998: It's Tough to Be a Bug (short) - Flik (voice)
1997: Hacks - Neal
1997: The Wrong Guy - Nelson Hibbert
1996: Mr. Show with Bob and David (TV series) - Todd in 'Second Wind'
1996: Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy - Marv/Psychiatrist/New guy/Raymond Hurdicure
1988-1995: The Kids in the Hall (TV series) - Various Characters
1994: It's Pat - Chris
1987: 3 Men and a Baby - Grocery Store Clerk
1987: Echoes in the Darkness (TV movie)
1987: Anne of Avonlea (TV movie) - Lewis Allen
1987: American Playhouse (TV series) - Old Ironsides/Smith/Welsh Rabbit
1986: The Lawrenceville Stories (TV mini-series) - Welsh Rabbit
1986: High Stakes - Bo Baker

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