Darrell Hammond


Date Of Birth

October 8, 1955


Comedian Darrell Hammond is best known for being a cast member of Saturday Night Live since 1995, holding the record for longest tenure as an SNL cast member which he earned in 2004-2005. He has impersonated over a hundred celebrities, and has made more appearances on the show than any cast member in its history.

Born in Tampa, Florida on October 8, 1955, Hammond graduated from Melbourne High School in 1973. There, he was a star athlete who excelled in both football and baseball. He next attended Brevard Community College before majoring in advertising at the University of Florida. He then moved to New York City and lived there for several years, marrying and later divorcing his wife Elizabeth. They remarried in 1997 and have a daughter named Mia, born the next year.

It was during the late 1980s that Hammond made a name for himself with his impersonations. In the comedy single Wappin’, he was known for imitating Elmer Fudd and other Looney Tunes cartoons. In 1996, Darrell Hammond was seen on Celtic Pride, followed by roles in Blues Brothers 2000 and voice work on The King and I. While he was gaining fame on Saturday Night Live, he was chosen to play Dick Cheney on an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2001. He also played the same character for Primetime Glick, before getting a role opposite Frankie Muniz in 2003’s Agent Cody Banks. Also that year, he played the character Father Muldoon in Scary Movie 3, before getting a part in New York Minute with the Olsen twins.

He has also parodied Johnny Depp’s role in Pirates of the Caribbean, playing Captain Jack Sparrow in Epic Movie. He was next seen in a 2005 episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, on the series Las Vegas, and on the film Kiss Me Again. After roles in Ira & Abby, Netherbeast Incorporated and Wieners, he was cast on several episodes of Damages in 2009.

Place of Birth

Tampa, Florida

Birth Name

Darrell Hammond



Fun Facts

- He married Elizabeth Hammond on May 9, 1990. They have a daughter together.

- He completed his degree at University of Florida at Gainesville.

- He is the record-holder for the most impressions by a single cast member on 'Saturday Night Live' with 105. He has also said the show's catch phrase "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" the most times, beating out Dana Carvey.



1995-2010: Saturday Night Live (TV series) - Various/Bill Clinton/Donald Trump/…
2010: BuzzKill - Karaoke Killer
2008-2009: Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update Thursday (TV series) - Sen. John McCain/Bill Clinton/Dennis Franz/…
2009: Damages (TV series) - The Deacon
2008: Wieners - Dr. Dwayne
2007: Netherbeast Incorporated - Turner Claymore
2007: Epic Movie - Captain Jack Swallows
2006: Ira & Abby - Dr. Lawrence Rosenblum
2006: Puff, Puff, Pass - Jonathan
2006: Kiss Me Again - Michael
2005: Las Vegas (TV series) - Ben Carlson/Carlos/Ted Waters
2005: Starved (TV series) - Josh
2005: Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV series) - Leonard Timmons
2004: New York Minute - Hudson McGill
2004: The Devil and Daniel Webster
2003: Scary Movie 3 - Father Muldoon
2003: Agent Cody Banks - Earl
2003: Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Halftime Special (TV movie) - Chris Matthews
2001: Primetime Glick (TV series) - Dick Cheney
2001: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV series) - Ted Bolger
2001: Saturday Night Live Primetime Extra 2 (TV short) - Dick Cheney/Sean Connery/Hannibal Lecter
2001: Saturday Night Live Primetime Extra 1 (TV short) - Bill Clinton
1999: The King and I - Master Little (voice)
1998: Blues Brothers 2000 - Robertson
1996: Celtic Pride - Chris McCarthy

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