Daren Kagasoff


Date Of Birth

December 16, 1987.


Daren Kagasoff was born and grew up in Encino, California and attended San Francisco State University. Lured by what he really wanted to do in life, he packed his bags and headed back to Los Angeles to pursue acting. He eventually landed the lead in a production of Suburbia, a play based on the film of the same name. Playing the role of an alcoholic slacker, Daren found himself in a demanding role but he looked up for the challenge.

At present, Daren Kagasoff plays the role of Ricky Underwood on the ABC series The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Place of Birth

Encino, California.

Birth Name

Daren Kagasoff



Fun Facts



2009: Teen Choice Award - Choice Summer TV Star for The Secret Life of the American Teenager


2008-present The Secret Life of the American Teenager






"I was up at San Francisco State studying business management and I kind of couldn't find my niche in anything. My heart wasn't into baseball anymore, and that's the reason I went up there, so it was the time to really find out what I wanted to do. I kept going back and forth with myself, thinking, oh do you want to act, because I didn't know what my parents would think, and finally just called them and said listen, I want to go back home and start acting, and they were like "okay, do your thing" so I came back, jumped into a class for 8 months, and this project was like the 5th or 6th audition I've ever been out on, and it came my way. I just feel really lucky."

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