Danielle Reyes


Date Of Birth

January 22, 1972


A property manager from Vacaville, California, Danielle Reyes was born on January 22, 1972. She is married with two daughters, having first given birth at the young age of 16. Some of the activities in which she engages in her spare time are reading and playing basketball. Her favorite sports teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Sacramento Kings. She enjoyed watching Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill 1 and 2, True Romance, Tombstone and Under the Tuscan Sun. As for the small screen, Danielle likes to tune in to Deadwood , The King of Queens, Supernatural , Smallville and Best Damn Sport Show Period.

Before she auditioned for the third season of Big Brother, Danielle was working as a media buyer. She tried out for the competition and believed that her leadership skills would help her win. Believing that the other contestants would underestimate her, Danielle came in with the mindset that everyone was her enemy. She came close to winning the game, having finished in second place and losing to Lisa Donahue.

For Big Brother All-Stars, Danielle had a shaky start and was among the two nominated during the first eviction ceremony. She was spared when the others decided to cast their votes for Alison Irwin , and Danielle managed to stay in the game for another 49 Days. By winning the game "Caught in the Web," Danielle was able to assume the position of Head of Household on Week 5. When she was voted out of the house on Day 60, she automatically became the fourth member of the jury. She was later invited to join Big Brother 7: All-Stars and won sixth place.

(Photo courtesy of CBS)

Place of Birth

Dayton, Ohio

Birth Name

Danielle Hendricks




2002-2009: Big Brother (TV series) - Herself

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