Daniel Fathers


Date Of Birth

March 23, 1966


Daniel Fathers was born in London, England on March 23, 1966, to scenic designer George Fathers and actress Tessa Shaw. He was initially selected to play the title role in the 1977 film Jesus of Nazareth, although he was eventually let go because of his eye color. His first passion, however, was sports, having entered the prestigious Kelly College on a track and rugby scholarship. During his stay, he made the finals of the All England Schools National’s 400-meter hurdles, and was also selected for the final trials of England’s Under-16 rugby team. He never got the chance to join, however, as he was injured during the trials.

During his stay, he also had the chance to pursue his artistic roots. He received a full dance scholarship to train at the Central School of Dance under renowned ballet star Christopher Gable, and also pursued voice lessons under Robert Palmer at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. He was cast for the feature film Another Country, but Fathers ultimately didn’t pursue it as pre-production delays led to eventual schedule conflicts.

Father eventually moved to Toronto, Canada, where he was eventually cast alongside Derek Jacobi and Natalie Cole in the television movie Livin’ for Love: The Natalie Cole Story. He eventually pursued further training in acting and appeared in several films, such as Global Heresy, Night’s Noontime and an uncredited role in Rhinoceros Eyes. He was eventually cast in the Toronto production of Mamma Mia! and stayed there for a year.

Fathers also appeared in different television programs, such as Tracker, Street Time, Beautiful People, The Border, The Murdoch Mysteries and The Weight. He has also appeared in several television movies, including The Brady Bunch in the White House, Murder in the Hamptons, Beach Girls, The Tracy Fragments and the two Camp Rock movies. He later accepted a role in series like Combat Hospital and Really Me.

Place of Birth

London, England

Birth Name

Daniel Fathers




2011: Combat Hospital (TV series) - Sergeant Harry Gleed
2009-2011: Heartland (TV series) - Stewart Forrest
2011: Really Me (TV series) - John Donkers
2010: Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (TV movie) - Brown Cesario
2009: Trust Me (TV series) - Jan Elfers
2009: 90210 (TV series) - Nic
2008: The Line (TV series) - Colin
2008: Pontypool - Nigel Healing (voice)
2008: Camp Rock (TV movie) - Brown Cesario
2008: Murdoch Mysteries (TV series) - Calvin Baker
2008: Magic Flute Diaries - Jeremy (Producer)
2008: The Border (TV series) - Casper Malan
2008: Flashpoint (TV series) - Tyler Hewitt
2007: The Tracey Fragments - Elegant Pimp Daddy
2006: 72 Hours: True Crime (TV series) - Dr. John Schneeberger
2006: The Jane Show (TV series) - Cute Guy
2006: Beautiful People (TV series) - Richard Manning
2005: Crazy for Christmas (TV movie) - Aurthur Finnegan
2005: Murder in the Hamptons (TV movie) - British Reporter
2005: Plague City: SARS in Toronto (TV movie) - Stanton
2005: Tilt (TV series) - Muff/Muff Lanagan
2005: Beach Girls (TV mini-series) - Reverend Evan Gallagher
2004: The Murdoch Mysteries (TV series) - Audience Member/Gentleman
2003: Rhinoceros Eyes - Producer
2003: Street Time (TV series) - Jared Endelman
2002: The Brady Bunch in the White House (TV movie) - Priest
2002: Night's Noontime (short) - Prof. James Murray
2002: Global Heresy - Male Reporter/Journalist #1
2002: Haven't We Met Before? (TV movie) - Clerk
2002: Tracker (TV series) - Tina's Dad
2001: Leap Years (TV series) - Limo Driver
2000: Livin' for Love: The Natalie Cole Story (TV movie) - A & R Guy
2000: Relic Hunter (TV series) - Bligh
1997: Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science (TV series) - Detective Randy Horn

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