Surely turning heads with her signature Jersey confidence, Dana is one blonde bombshell with a statuesque figure to boot. It won’t come as a surprise to know that she’s a professional cheerleader, as well as a hairstylist who is new to the lesbian scene. But even if she’s not familiar with that side of the territory, she’s all ready to dive in. Used to being the center of attention, Dana enjoys every moment she gets noticed. She’s poised pretty well for that, but she’s willing to share the spotlight with her soon-to-be significant other.

The stunning Dana became known as one of the 24 contestants on MTV’s A Double Shot at Love. The show featured the bisexual twins Vikki and Rikki, who pushed the 12 bachelors and 12 lesbians to the limit to gain their affections. Unfortunately, she was one of the first competitors eliminated from the show. The twins thought she was boring and sent her home.

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