Dan Byrd


Date Of Birth

November 20, 1985


Dan Byrd made his acting debut in the 1999 film The First of May, and later appeared in shows such as CSI, The Guardian and Touched by an Angel. He got his breakout role in the 2004 miniseries Salem's Lot, and later took a role in the short-lived series Clubhouse; he also starred in the films A Cinderella Story and The Hills Have Eyes.

In 2007, he joined the cast of the CW comedy Aliens in America, which only lasted one season. He then took a recurring role in Heroes, as Sylar's (Zachary Quinto) apprentice. In 2009, he joined the cast of the ABC comedy Cougar Town.

Place of Birth

Marietta, GA

Birth Name

Daniel Byrd



Fun Facts

- Dan once admitted that his secret obsession is playing the video game Guitar Hero.


- Burbank International Children's Film Festival, Best Child Actor, 2000 (for The First of May)
- Young Artist Award, Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, 2000 (for Any Day Now)
- Rhode Island International Film Festival, Best Actor, 2010 (for Norman)


- The First of May (1999)
- 28 Days (2000)
- A Cinderella Story (2004)
- Checking Out (2005)
- Mortuary (2005)
- The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
- Jam (2006)
- Lonely Hearts (2006)
- Outlaw Trail: The Treasure of Butch Cassidy (2006)
- Norman (2010)
- Easy A (2010)

- Any Day Now (recurring, 1998-2002)
- The Guardian (recurring, 2003)
- Clubhouse (regular, 2004-2005)
- Aliens in America (regular, 2007-2008)
- Heroes (recurring, 2009)
- Cougar Town (regular, 2009-present)






"For the most part I've been working as an actor since I was pretty young, so I had an irregular high school experience.In ninth grade I transferred to a school in Los Angeles, thinking I'd be able to go there whenever I wasn't on set. That was a very - excuse the pun - alienating experience. It was one of the first times in my life where I had a really hard time meeting people and making friends."

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