Damien and Nicole



Engaged couple Damien and Nicole are one of eleven pairs competing in the second batch of The Biggest Loser: Couples.
Damien Gurganious, 31, is an industrial designer who’s based in Brooklyn, NY. He has been overweight most of his life, with food being his means of consolation, beginning when his mother passed away at an early age. Also contributing to his current condition is his family of chefs, and his work as a designer, which is spent mostly in front of a computer or a desk. He wants to lose weight and become an active member of his future family with his fiancée.
Nicole Brewer, 37, is a wardrobe stylist also based in Brooklyn, NY. She was a dancer as a child, and was competitive in sports during her high school years, but started gaining weight in college and has never lost it since. She went through multiply diets, but she got mixed results. Her main inspiration for losing weight is her mother, a diabetic who passed on her habit of emotional eating. Her sudden death due to heart disease last year spurred in her a makeover inside and out, and while she’s never felt better about herself, she wants to look beautiful and feel confident on her wedding day.
Damien and Nicole together form the Red Team, training under Bob Harper. Fiercely competitive, determined and ambitious, they are out to make The Biggest Loser: Couples their own personal challenge, in order to aid them start a family. On the outside, they may seem playful and charming, but it could be just the thing to help them win the competition.

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