Dallas is a fashion designer from Houston, Texas. She has a lip piercing and is a fan of Marilyn Manson.

Unfortunately for Dallas, she was unable to make it far in Rock of Love . She, along with Kristia , was eliminated at the end of third episode. Prior to her elimination, Dallas had been arguing with Lacey. On their way home from the motocross relay challenge, Lacey tried to further antagonize Dallas, who wears fur, from an animal rights advocate standpoint. Dallas fired back by calling Lacey a hypocrite, considering that Bret Michaels , the man they were fighting for, wears leather and snakeskin. At home, Lacey tried to provoke Dallas into doing something violent, and the incident ended with Rodeo prying Lacey of off Dallas. Rodeo then told Bret about what happened, and when he got home, tried to deal with the conflict.

When Dallas learned that she had been eliminated from Rock of Love, she refused to give Bret a hug and instead flipped him off.

Since Rock of Love, Dallas has been attending to her vintage clothing business, and recently launched a new store on EBay. She later appeared on Rock of Love: Charm School, where she was eliminated on episode 6.

(Photo courtesy of VH1)

Birth Name

Dallas Harrison



Fun Facts

- Her idol is Marilyn Monroe

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