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Growing up in a tough neighborhood didn’t stop Creepa from believing in his dreams of becoming a star. He has undergone many hardships and obstacles in fulfilling his ambitions throughout his young life. When he was just a baby, Creepa’s father was shot and killed. He grew up with his disabled mother who had to depend on him for everything she needed. Creepa was not able to give her all she wanted, and this has made him want to become the success he knows he will be.

Creepa was born and raised in Miami, Florida. As a G, he thinks that it was essential to survive there and make a living. With his mother relying on him to be the family’s breadwinner, Creepa knew he had to triumph. It goes to show that Creepa is indeed a caring man who wants to help. Under layers of bling and that hard-boiled exterior of his, Creepa wants to show that he can also be as renowned and sophisticated as any fellow.

He has never left Miami Gardens his whole life, and was ready to be a true gentleman by leaving it. Creepa believes that accomplishments and achievements would come if one would broaden their horizons. When asked if he was ready to take on the challenge, he admitted that he was willing to do anything just to prove that he could do it. He didn’t believe in the money; he wanted to make a change. His commitment to become a success has driven him to go under the tutelage of distinguished gentleman, Fonzworth Bentley in the reality show From G’s to Gents. Creepa has just traded his trademark sunglasses for a suit, and is all set to learn proper manners and etiquette. His aspiration to become a success has pushed him for change, in style and manners, and also in himself.

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Miami, Florida

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