Courtney Kerr



Outspoken and fun, Courtney Kerr is a Southern belle whose fashion sense matches her personality. She’s vibrant and striking, and admits that fashion is her drug. Employed with Dallas-based jewelry designer Amber Venz, she is a staple at runway shows. But the fast-paced life hasn’t stopped her from wanting a fairytale ending. She’s a hopeless romantic who wants nothing more than to be a great wife and mother. Courtney is always on the lookout to find true love, and she may just find it if she doesn’t dismiss everyone she dates as just a friend.

Courtney Kerr stars on Bravo’s series Most Eligible Dallas. The show revolves around a group of friends looking for romance in the lone star state. Their lives have crossed with one another’s as they search for true love or one-night stands. Drama comes at every turn, as these socialites discover truths about themselves and those around them.

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