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Corrie Adamson is one of the 25 contestants who competed for the heart of Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. This wardrobe consultant from Kissimmee, Florida made a good impression on Jake as she revealed her top three priorities in life: God, family and friends.

In the second episode of The Bachelor, Corrie participated in a group photo shoot for InStyle Magazine, and then went on another group date during the third episode at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club where she mocked her fellow bachelorettes. She decided to step up her game by episode 4 as she played dirty with Jake on the sand--- which seemed to have caught Jake's attention because by episode 5, she finally got her one-on-one date with him.

Though Jake was admittedly attracted to Corrie, he didn't really connect with him during their boat ride and walk in the park. She did, however, reveal that she's saving herself for marriage. Jake respected Corrie's beliefs but unfortunately, that wasn't enough to keep her in running. At the Rose Ceremony by the end of episode 5, Corrie was sent home.



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a wardrobe consultant from Kissimmee, FL

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