Cody Calafiore



Cody Calafiore is one of the houseguests on Big Brother season 16. He works as a sales account executive and he comes from Hackensack, N.J. Described as outgoing, happy-go-lucky and empathetic, he loves working out and going to the gym. He's also a Seventeen Magazine “2014 Hot Guy Panelist,” where he gives dating advice.

Cody entered an all-guys alliance with Devin, Derrick and Zach called the "Bomb Squad." In week 2, Cody was originally crowned the second HOH but was later disqualified and and Devin was subsequently crowned the second HOH. He later become the sole HoH in week 4 where he nominated Brittany and Victoria. In week 8, HoH Frankie nominated Cody but it was Zach who ended up going home. He then became the sole HoH in week 9. In week 11, HoH Frankie put Cody on the block with Victoria but due to the reset button, no one went home. The following week, he won Power of Veto and was responsible for the eviction of Caleb. He won the final HoH and was responsible for evicting Victoria. In the finale, however, he only got 2 votes compared to Derrick, who received 7 votes and who ultimately won the game.




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