Chuck and Wynona



Chuck McCall is a Retail Manager/Taxidermist and works at Walmart as a co-manager and is in charge of the operations side of the store.

Wynona McCall is a Cosmetologist/Hairstylist and cuts, color, and style hair as well as doing facials and nails.

Chuck and Wynona are a married couple and you can watch them on season 22 of The Amazing Race.

They were the the last team to arrive at the pit stop in episode 5 but it was a non-elimination leg.

Place of Birth

Chuck McCall
Wynona McCall


Chuck is a Male. Wynona is a Female.

Fun Facts

Chuck McCall and Wynona McCall joined the Amazing Race as a married couple. Chuck was 46 and Wynona was 49. They were one of 11 teams in season 22

Chuck says his wife/teammate's inability to talk and think when she is tired is one of the biggest challenges they will face on the Amazing Race.

Wynona says she reminds herself of Lynette Scavo from Desperate Housewives because she is always very busy.

Wynona states that one of her pet peeves about her husband/teammate is that he can’t make plans to do things and is a very last minute type of person.

Wynona believes that one of the biggest challenges they will face on The Amazing Race is that Chuck thinks too long in his head and waits till the last minute to tell her what he is thinking.

The married couple/teammates hope that by joining the show they can build a stronger relationship with each other.


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