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Chrystina became known as a contestant on Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious. From San Diego, California, she enjoys listening to Mariah Carey. She absolutely loves living in San Diego, and claims that nothing could make her move from her favorite city. She loves to spend time at the beach, and can often be found lying in the sun from 10am to 5pm on any given day. Her goal is to one day be successful enough to own her own beach house.

Though Chrystina is now very confident in her appearance, she actually grew up as a tomboy and struggled to be accepted by her classmates. She used to love playing sports, but then eventually grew out of it and pursued different interests. Aside from singing and dancing, she's also interested in acting, fashion, and meeting genuine, down to earth people.

After moving into the loft on Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious, Chrystina quickly became friends with fellow contestant Natalie. The two of them often clashed with Charlye and Tiffanie, and these strained relationships caused Chrystina to struggle during the public image challenges. Though she had trouble bonding with some of the girls, Chrystina eventually vowed to put that aside and come together for the good of the group. As soon as she did that, she wowed the judges and made her way to the Girlicious finals.

In the season finale, Chrystina was chosen as one of the four members of Girlicious. Despite their success and with two albums under their belt, she left the group in 2011.

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Place of Birth

San Diego, California

Birth Name

Chrystina Lauren Sakamoto Sayers





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