Christopher McDonald


Date Of Birth

February 15, 1955


Born on February 15, 1955 in New York City, Christopher McDonald is an actor who has earned a reputation for playing pompous, arrogant and villainous roles.  Although often landing supporting roles, he has more than 85 films and television credits to his name and has been able to successfully portray a wide range of characters.

Christopher McDonald’s credits include Grease 2, The Perfect Storm, The Theory of the Leisure Class Thelma and Louise, Grumpy Old Men, Quiz Show, Flubber, The Faculty, The Perfect Storm, House Arrest, Dirty Work, American Pie 5: The Naked Mile, Broken Flowers and Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams.  But among all his projects, he is perhaps best known for playing Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore and Tappy Tibbons in Requiem for a Dream.  Additionally, McDonald was featured as Ward Cleaver in the movie version of Leave It to Beaver and famous baseball broadcaster Mel Allen in 61*, as well as an aggressive Russian mafia villain alongside Charlie Sheen in the 1994 film Terminal Velocity.In 2011, he joined the cast of NBC's Harry's Law.

In between roles, Christopher McDonald also graced the realm of television, landing recurring roles and guest stints on series like Family Law, North Shore and Veronica’s Closet.  He also appeared on Cracking Up, Las Vegas, The Sopranos, Home Improvement and as Lt. Richard Castillo in the season 3 episode “Yesterday's Enterprise” of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

As a voice actor, Christopher McDonald has also carved a niche for himself in the world of animation.  Aside from lending his voice to the determined government agent Kent Mansley in the animated film The Iron Giant, he also voiced Superman's father Jor-El in Superman: The Animated Series, and served as Hego in Kim Possible.

Christopher McDonald is presently married to Lupe Gidley and is living in Southern California with his wife and four children.

Place of Birth

New York City, United States

Birth Name

Christopher McDonald



Fun Facts

-He has four children with Lupe Gidley.




2011 Harry's Law (TV series)
2010-2012 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (TV series)
2011 Santa Election 2012 (short)
2010-2011 Boardwalk Empire (TV series)
2011 CollegeHumor Originals (TV series)
2011 The Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best
2006-2011 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV series)
2011 Balls to the Wall
2011 Lemonade Mouth (TV movie)
2011 Cat Run
2011 Serial Buddies
2010 The Best and the Brightest
2010 Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction (Video Game)
2009-2010 SGU Stargate Universe (TV series)
2010 Barry Munday
2010/IV Refuge
2010 Black Widow
2009 Numb3rs (TV series)
2009 Splinterheads
2009/II Deep in the Valley
2009/II Reunion
2009 Fanboys
2009 Law & Order (TV series)
2009 Spooner
2008 An American Carol
2008 The House Bunny
2008 My Boys (TV series)
2008 Psych (TV series)
2008 Player 5150
2008 Superhero Movie
2008 Summerhood
2008 Mad Money
2007 American Pie Presents Beta House (video)
2007 Awake
2007 My Sexiest Year
2007 The Bronx Is Burning (TV series)
2004-2007 Kim Possible (TV series)
2007 Kickin It Old Skool
2007 The Sopranos (TV series)
2007 Medium (TV series)
2007 The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning (TV movie)
2006 American Pie Presents The Naked Mile (video)
2006 Las Vegas (TV series)
2004-2006 Cracking Up (TV series)
2006 Funny Money
2006 Twins (TV series)
2006 You've Reached the Elliotts (TV movie)
2005 Rumor Has It...
2005 Broken Flowers
2005 The L.A. Riot Spectacular
2005 Fat Actress (TV series)
2005 New Car Smell (TV movie)
2004 Peter Gabriel: Play (video)
2004 North Shore (TV series)
2004 Justice League (TV series)
2003 Without a Trace (TV series)
2003 Grind
2002 The Twilight Zone (TV series)
2002 Children on Their Birthdays
2002 Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams
1999-2002 Family Law (TV series)
2002 Speakeasy
2001 The Man Who Wasn't There
2001 61* (TV movie)
2001 The Theory of the Leisure Class
2000 Batman Beyond (TV series)
2000 The Perfect Storm
2000 Requiem for a Dream
2000 Nurse Betty
2000 The Skulls
2000 Takedown
2000 Isn't She Great
2000 Magicians
1999 The Iron Giant
1999 Gideon
1999 Five Aces
1997-1999 Veronica's Closet (TV series)
1999 My Teacher's Wife
1998 The Faculty
1998 SLC Punk!
1998 Jaded
1998 Dirty Work
1998 The Eighteenth Angel
1998 Divorce: A Contemporary Western
1997 Lawn Dogs
1997 Flubber
1997 Into Thin Air: Death on Everest (TV movie)
1997 A Smile Like Yours
1997 Leave It to Beaver
1997 Gun (TV series)
1996 Superman (TV series)
1996 The Rich Man's Wife
1996 Superman: The Last Son of Krypton (TV movie)
1996 House Arrest
1996 Celtic Pride
1996 Unforgettable
1996 Happy Gilmore
1995 Fair Game
1995 The Tuskegee Airmen (TV movie)
1995 Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back
1994 Quiz Show
1994 Terminal Velocity
1994 Midnight Run for Your Life (TV movie)
1994 The Road Killers
1994 Midnight Runaround (TV movie)
1994 Monkey Trouble
1994 Another Midnight Run (TV movie)
1993 Grumpy Old Men
1993 Fatal Instinct
1993 Banner Times (TV movie)
1993 Good Advice (TV series)
1993 Benefit of the Doubt
1993 Conflict of Interest
1993 Telling Secrets (TV movie)
1993 Cover Story
1993 Anyone for Bridge? (short)
1993 Bums
1991-1992 Walter & Emily (TV series)
1992 Home Improvement (TV series)
1991 Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue
1990-1991 Empty Nest (TV series)
1991 Dutch
1991 Thelma & Louise
1991 Red Wind (TV movie)
1991 Fatal Exposure (TV movie)
1990 Playroom
1990 Cool Blue (video)
1990 Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV series)
1989 An Eight Is Enough Wedding (TV movie)
1986-1989 Matlock (TV series)
1989 Guns of Paradise (TV series)
1989 Chances Are
1988 Paramedics
1988 Little Girl Lost (TV movie)
1987 Eight Is Enough: A Family Reunion (TV movie)
1987 Outrageous Fortune
1987 Our House (TV series)
1986 The Twilight Zone (TV series)
1984-1986 Riptide (TV series)
1986 Triplecross (TV movie)
1985 It's a Living (TV series)
1985 The Boys Next Door
1985 Knight Rider (TV series)
1985 Hunter (TV series)
1984 Chattanooga Choo Choo
1984 Breakin'
1984 Where the Boys Are '84
1983 Lottery! (TV series)
1983 At Ease (TV series)
1983 The Black Room (video)
1982 Cheers (TV series)
1982 Grease 2
1981 Twirl (TV movie)
1980 The Hearse
1978 Getting Married (TV movie)




6' 3" (1.91 m)


"If you're gonna learn how to do something, you'd better learn to do it right."

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