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Hailing from Rhode Island is Chris Cosentino, an executive chef for Incanto. He grew up being highly influenced by the Italian-American community in Rhode Island, and thus developed a passion for Italian food. He was educated at Johnson & Wales University, and later worked in restaurants such as Red Sage in Washington, D.C. and Rubicon, Chez Panisse, Belon, and Redwood Park in the San Francisco Bay Area. He then became the consulting chef for the Aqua Restaurant Group in San Francisco and Las Vegas and the Kimpton Group in San Francisco and Aspen. It was then when Cosentino worked for Incanto as an executive chef. The 35-year-old chef highly believes in the history of a certain cuisine, and incorporates this in his passion for cooking. He is known for his sustainable Italian, offal cookery and is inspired by Jean Louis Palladin, Fergus Henderson and Marco Pierre White. His secret ingredients are single varietal olive oils, liver and kidney salts while and his dislikes are tofu and processed foods.

Chris Cosentino became known for being featured as one of eight contenders for the title of Iron Chef in the Food Network's The Next Iron Chef. He became the last to be sent home before the final battle. Since then, he has appeared on an episode of Modern Marvels and the Food Network series Best Thing I Ever Ate. In 2011, he collaborated with the publishers of Wolverine to create a comic and his own character. He was also seen on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.

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