Chima Benson


Date Of Birth

July 28, 1976


Born on July 28, 1976, Chima is an independent and smart freelance journalist. Extremely close to her ailing mom, she is someone who really cares and looks to the future, as long as it is pleasing to her. . While she’s concerned about the health of her mother, she continues to provide the support and love that she needs. Her stepfather is also someone she looks up to, especially since he taught her how to ride a bike and swim. He’s also the one she depended on for homework.

Even though she’s attached to her family, this bachelorette is looking for someone to share her life with and control in every way. Chima wants a man who is tall, considerate and has a great big wallet.

Chima prides herself in her ability to be a biatch, in addition to never being intimidated by those around her. She’s also ready to pull out one of her fiercest weapons: her ignorant mouth. This brat isn’t easy to pin down, especially since she has the tremendous will to win no matter who she has to screw over in the process.

As a contestant on the 11th season of Big Brother, she competed against 11 other aspirants and a mystery houseguest. The show is hosted by Julie Chen, and is executive-produced by Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan and Scott Einziger.

She was known for her fiery personality, and was kicked off the show for disobeying the rules.


2009: Big Brother (TV series) - Herself - Contestant

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