Chelsea Bush


Date Of Birth

March, 1987


Chelsea Bush has a very presidential name. The model and artist from Brentwood, Tennessee is a self-confessed southern belle with a very "spicy" personality. Chelsea grew up in Chapin. Which is a small town in South Carolina. Growing up with a Christian background, she moved out of the house when she turned 18 and settled in Nashville. In high school, Bush experienced competing in several beauty pageants and professed to getting into fights with girls. And while she appears sweet on the first meeting, she says she has a mean side that comes out if she feels disrespected. She says she is not at all emotional and she hardly cries, although she is very competitive and will do whatever it takes to win.

Bush starred in the ABC reality show True Beauty that puts the spotlight on ten people who are beautiful on the outside who'd try to see if they have what the show calls "true beauty" - beauty on the inside. She was eliminated in the fifth episode of the show because she lacked sympathy towards the other contestants.

Birth Name

Chelsea Bush




2009: True Beauty (TV series) - Herself



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