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Meet the Cast of 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 5

From the outside, 24-year-old Charlie doesn't look like your typical chef. This prep chef from Las Vegas, Nevada has almost a decade's worth of experience in the field, including being the kitchen supervisor for House of Blues. A product of Western Culinary Institute, Charlie admits that his "unorthodox" appearance challenges him to make people warm up to him. Right after culinary school in Oregon, he moved back to his native Las Vegas and plans to use his newly learned technique in creating masterpieces in the kitchen.

Charlie is one of the 16 chefs competing to survive Gordon Ramsay's less than palatable words on the Fox reality show Hell's Kitchen.

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Charles McKay




The person you should see for catering in Las Vegas instead of that schmuck Gordon Ramsey

Fred Benson's all-time favorite FOX reality contestant


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