Chantal Jones


Date Of Birth

September 8, 1988


Chantal Jones from Austin, Texas was a big fan of America's Next Top Model even before she was on the reality model search. In fact, she began watching in during its first two seasons, but was too busy to catch up with the succeeding cycles. However, she tried out for the first time for Cycle 9, and was lucky enough to be called back. Chantal recalled that it was one of her friends who convinced her to be on the show, thus she drove to Dallas, Texas, to attend an open casting call and eventually landed a spot in the final 13.

Entering the reality series when she was 19 years old, Chantal made it a point to do her best once she was named as one of the final 13 to compete in America's Next Top Model Cycle 9. In fact, in the first challenge in the episode entitled "The Girls Go Green," Chantal was able to produce great photos. However, in the episode entitled "The Girl Who Goes Bald," Chantal experienced some difficulty with her photos. She was then criticized for her inability to apply what the photographer and art director told her. Despite this, she luckily did not end up in the bottom two. She did, however, land in the bottom two in the episode entitled "The Girls Who Crawl," after she was chastised for not improving much over the few days. In the episode entitled "The Girls Go To Shanghai," Heather won the challenge and asked Chantal to accompany her in her shopping spree reward. Chantal proved her worth in the episode entitled "The Girls Go To The Great Wall," where she was commended on having the ability to stand out in a group photo. In the final episode, Chantal was commended for exuding a high-fashion appeal, but was not named America's Next Top Model, as she only came in as a runner-up to Saleisha Stowers.

After the show, she continued modeling, appearing in print and on the runway. She then appeared in the music videos "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas and "Don’t Wanna Cry" of Pete Yorn. She also had a small role in The Bold and the Beautiful.

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(Photo courtesy of CW)

Place of Birth

Austin, Texas

Birth Name

Heather Chantal Jones




2007-2009: America's Next Top Model (TV series) - Herself


6' (1.83 m)

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