Caroline and Jennifer



Caroline Cutbirth is Singer/Songwriter and in a band called Stealing Angels.

Jennifer Kuhle is a Songwriter, she composes and write lyrics and also in a band.

Caroline and Jennifer are not only friends but also band mates and you can watch them on season 22 of The Amazing Race.

Caroline and Jennifer came in 4th place for 'The Amazing Race' 22. Currently, they will return for The Amazing Race, Season 24 (All-Stars).

Birth Name

Caroline Cutbirth
Jennifer Kuhle



Fun Facts

Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle joing The Amazing Rice as band mates and friends. Caroline is 29 and Jennifer is 30. They were one of 11 teams in season 22

Caroline is a direct descendant of Daniel Boone.

Jennifer is the granddaughter of John Wayne.

Jennifer studied Asian Art in college.

Both women joined the Amazing Race because they love to travel and believe this will be one incredible experience.


Jennifer has won the National Father/Daughter Tennis Championship


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