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English actress and singer Carley Stenson was born on September 22, 1982 in Wigan, Greater Manchester, England. She performed on the album Abbamania and is a member of the all-female pop group Diamond. She is best known for her role on the Channel 4 series, Hollyoaks. Her portrayal of the character Steph Dean has made her famous, since she appeared on the series when she was only 18 years old. She has been credited as being the longest serving female cast member of the show.

Stenson’s portrayal of the character enabled her to act like a bully on several occasions, but learns eventually. She got into a serious relationship with Max Cunningham, played by different actors like Ben Sheriff and Matt Littler.

About her work in Hollyoaks, Stenson has said that “It's like a family. I wake up in the morning and it's like going from home to home. It's such an honour. It's really nice to go there and to be surrounded by lots of friends.” She got the part when the casting team called her, even though she auditioned for another role.

Despite success on the small screen, the actress admitted that she preferred taking on stage and theatre roles. “I do prefer being on the stage. I love being on the telly and I'd love to do more drama but I think my heart is set on musical theatre, so I'd like to try that.”

Other appearances of Stenson’s include those in Granada Reports, Children in Need and on two episodes of Soapstar Superchef. In 2007, she became a contestant on BBC Three’s Celebrity Scissorhands. She was also seen on the BBC1 show, Identity. In 2008, she appeared as Steph Dean on the Hollyoaks special, Summer’s Got a Secret. In that same year, Stenson worked on Big Brother’s Little Brother. She is well known for her charity work. About that, she exclaimed, “I've got such a brilliant opportunity, why not help others? I just do things like this 'cause they're fun and hopefully others can benefit from my advice. With charity work, I'm okay so why shouldn't I help other people who need it.”

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Wigan, Greater Manchester, England

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Carley Stenson



Fun Facts

She is currently dating Ricky Whittle who plays Calvin Valentine alongside her in Hollyoaks.

She is a patron of J-U-M-P (Jacob's Unique Memory Pot).




Steph Dean in the Channel 4 series Hollyoaks.
Carley took part in Celebrity Scissorhands in 2007.
She has also been on BBC1's Indentity.







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