Cara Quici



Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, Cara Quici is a 23-year-old model. She is also trying her hand in a career in music, spending most of her time singing and recording. With talents on the piano, she has already come up with her first single, titled “As We Live.” According to her, the most important things in life are God and family. She says that she loves her family with all her heart, and that she is extremely close with her brothers despite her being the middle child. For many years, Cara has taught Sunday school and realized how much she enjoys working with children. Aspiring to someday become a great mother and wife, Cara Quici confesses that she is no supporter of divorce. “I have been known to become a bit free-spirited from time to time, and have crazy fun! That must be the Gemini in me. I aspire to become a philanthropist, so that I may help others. I believe helping others is the most important thing God has intended for us to do!” she says. Cara Quici is one of the girls in NBC’s reality series Momma’s Boys. Executive produced by Ryan Seacrest, the show focuses on a group of mothers who are out to choose the perfect lady for their sons. Rivalries bring about tension, as the moms and the girls go head to head in influencing the decisions of the bachelors. The series boldly poses the question “Who is really the most important woman in every man's life?”

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