Camille Isobel Hughes



Seventeen-year-old Camille is a high school junior who takes her studies seriously, but that doesn’t mean she has no time for lacrosse parties, the debate team, and beefing up her college application credentials. She is also on a lookout for a boyfriend, but for the longest time, no one can seem to meet her impossibly high standards. She is also wont of playing peacemaker in the high school drama she finds herself in. However, she is also ready to dish out to those who don’t know better, using her acid-tongued opinions and witty retorts. Camille is one of the six privileged teenagers who are the focus of the Bravo reality show NYC Prep. The series follows the lives of so-called key players in Manhattan’s elite high school scene. Such a life can be disorienting, as it involves exclusive midnight parties, shopping sprees, and study dates. Viewers will get to know the prep’s families, their entourage, and the their guys/girls at the moment.

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