Cameron Bright


Date Of Birth

January 26, 1993


Canadian actor Cameron Bright was born on January 26, 1993 in Victoria, British Columbia. His first foray into acting was in a commercial for Telus, before he got his break on television. He started out with a guest appearance on the series Higher Ground and earned several minor roles afterwards. At the time, he was known and credited as Cameron Crigger. He was seen on the 2000 television movie, The Christmas Secret, as well as an episode of Night Visions.

In 2004 however, he earned a supporting role in The Butterfly Effect. This led him to his first major part on Godsend, which put him alongside Robert de Niro. He followed this up with a role on Birth, which sparked controversy among audiences. In it, he played a 10-year-old boy opposite Nicole Kidman and had to share a kiss and a bathtub. It was later explained that the stars wore flesh-colored swimsuits throughout the scenes.

With the spotlight on Bright, more roles began to pour in. He was cast in several Hollywood films in 2006. These include Thank You for Smoking and Ultraviolet, as well as the thriller known as Running Scared. He even got the part of the mutant Leech on X-Men: The Last Stand.

In 2007 he was cast as Graham Holt in the television series The 4400. This was followed by a role in Normal and a cameo appearance in the film Juno. He was next seen on An American Affair and Walled In, before he booked the role of Alec in the Twilight saga. He appeared on New Moon in 2009 and Eclipse in 2010.

Place of Birth

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Cameron Douglas Crigger



Fun Facts

He has an older brother named Bryce Nelson.

He has 2 dogs and a cat.

Cameron has no favorite bands but many favorite songs ranging from Classical, Jazz, Oldies and Rock

His favorite film is Saving Private Ryan (1998).

He plays two roles of a young boy who can "cure" a new race of human in three months: the role of Six in Ultraviolet (2006) and Leech in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006).

Has already worked twice with Rebecca Romijn: for the first time in Godsend (2004), then in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), although in the latter they have no common scene.

Jason Reitman, who directed him in Thank You For Smoking, gave Cameron a cameo role in his new movie "Juno" starring Ellen Page (Xmen 3, also starring Cameron) and Jennifer Garner (Alias).

Friend of actress Jodelle Ferland.

Has played a young boy who falls in love with an older woman three times: Birth (2004) Stargate SG1 (TV)(2005) ans An American Affair (2009).


2010: Eclipse - Alec
2009: New Moon - Alec
2009: An American Affair - Adam Stafford
2009: Walled In - Jimmy
2007: Christmas in Wonderland - Danny Saunders
2007: Normal - Brady
2007: Juno - RPG Nerd
2007: The 4400 (TV series) - Graham Holt
2006: X-Men: The Last Stand - Jimmy/Leech
2006: Ultraviolet - Six
2006: Running Scared - Oleg Yugorsky
2005-2006: Stargate SG-1 (TV series) - Orlin
2005: Thank You for Smoking - Joey Naylor
2004: Birth - Young Sean
2004: Godsend - Adam Duncan
2004: The Butterfly Effect - Tommy at 7
2002: Night Visions (TV series) - Young Tim Malone
2002: Shadow Realm (TV movie) - Tim
2002: Dark Angel (TV series) - Johnny
2002: Lone Hero - Kid
2002: My Brother's Keeper (TV movie) - Young Ellis
2000: Flight of the Reindeer (TV movie) - Young Jerry
2000: Higher Ground (TV series) - Young Peter


5' 10" (1.78 m)


[about acting] "I will do this for as long as I can. The only con to acting and being this young is the school thing. You need to have 3 hours per day of school as well as all the work hours too. It gets very tiring when you are filming and then taken to a room to do school work. I never get any rest time. It is either work or school. Once you are an adult you get to take a nap in between shots."

(about the controversy with the tub scene in Birth) "If you knew how they film movies and how ACTRA and SAG protect children actors, then you would not be asking me this question. The only people stirring up the bath water in that scene was the media."

When asked what it was like to watch his movies... "As most actors/actresses I don't like to watch my own movies either and I never look at the daily's while filming. My favorite movies with me in them are Running Scared and Thank You for Smoking. I love those two and totally got into watching those movies that I forgot I was in them."

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