Buffi Jashanmal



Buffi Jashanmal is a designer who originally comes England and the UAE but currently resides in New York. She studied AAS in Fashion Design at Parsons and had summer courses at the London College of Fashion. She considers herself creative and unique, and claims that she's good at sewing and pattern-making. Theatrics and drama of the Ibiza clubbing scene are major influences in her designs. She is one of the contestants of Project Runway season 10.

Birth Name

Buffi Jashanmal



Fun Facts

Lady Gaga is her favorite style icon.


"I've always been creative and artistic. In my teens I was interested in acting and theatrical makeup and hair. Late teens I really got into fashion and styling and have always liked to dress uniquely and a bit left of center, thanks to my mum. My cousin saw my sketches when I finished my first degree in English and Drama and suggested I move to NYC to study fashion. I didn't know how to sew, but loved designing! I was hooked when I first used the scary machines at Parsons - they are fast!"

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