Bryan Ollie


Date Of Birth

October 22, 1980


An energetic young man, Ollie was born on October 22, 1980. He lives in Minneapolis and has worked as a Marketing Sales Representative for more than three years. He attended Iowa State University in Ames, IA and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in sociology and communication studies.

Ollie grew up in a strict Pentecostal family, as he is the son of a preacher. In his father’s church, faith and speaking in tongues were practiced. He considers his father his hero because of the support he has given him and his family. His father was always there for Ollie, his mother, three sisters and two brothers. Ollie fondly refers to his family as the “Black Brady Bunch.” He has stayed true to the values he was raised in, Ollie has never smoked, drank or cursed.

Describing himself as animated and good-looking, Ollie says his biggest achievement is receiving a full athletic scholarship to college where he played football. His enthusiasm for sports is also evident in the shows he watches – football, basketball and the World Series. He likes to work out himself, as well as ski and hang out with his friends. His music preferences include hip-hop, R&B, and gospel music.

Ollie is looking for a romantic partner who is classy…and sassy. In college, he risked piercing his ears just to impress a girl. The things he wants to do in life lean towards a financial orientation. He wants to earn enough money to be set for life by making a smart investment or create the next best invention. If all else fails, he says he wants to win the lottery. He wasn’t into Big Brother before he got into the audition process, but has watched more episodes when he decided to join. He notes the show’s seasons 8 and 9, admitting them to pique his interest. Ollie isn’t into politics at all, but he does his duty and votes every four years.

He became known on the show for his many threats against fellow housemates. Ollie was eliminated during Day 52, and became the fourth jury member.

Birth Name

Bryan Ollie




2008: Big Brother (TV series) - Himself

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