Bryan Cranston


Date Of Birth

March 7, 1956


Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston was born on March 7, 1956 in San Fernando Valley, California. He entered show business after graduating from Canoga Park High School. He first appeared in local and regional theater productions, before moving to minor roles in television and film. He made his screen debut in 1982, when he guest starred in an episode of the police drama CHiPs, and later originated the role of Doug Donovan in the daytime soap Loving.

Throughout his career, Cranston appeared as a guest in numerous television shows. These include The Flash, L.A. Law, Touched by an Angel, Babylon 5, The X Files and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. He also held notable recurring roles on shows like Seinfeld, The King of Queens, and on How I Met Your Mother.

Cranston, however, best known for his role in the comedy series Malcolm in the Middle. He played the patriarch of the family, Hal, for six seasons. During his time on the show, he earned three Emmy nominations for Best Comedy Supporting Actor and also directed seven episodes of the program.

Cranston’s next regular television role was in the drama series Breaking Bad, which premiered in 2008. Since landing the lead role of Walter White, he has earned several Emmy awards.

Cranston is also credited for working in films like Little Miss Sunshine, Last Chance, Saving Private Ryan and That Thing You Do!

Place of Birth

San Fernando Valley, California, USA

Birth Name

Bryan Lee Cranston



Fun Facts

-He sometimes goes by the name "Lee Stone."

-He has been married to Robin Dearden since 1989 and has one child with her.

-He was previously married to Mickey Middleton.

-He loves going to Hawaii.

-He used to be an ordained minister when he was in college as a part-time job.


2008: Emmy Award - Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Breaking Bad
2009: TCA Award Outstanding Individual Achievement in Drama for Breaking Bad
2009: Emmy Award - Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Breaking Bad
2010: Emmy Award - Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Breaking Bad


2012 Total Recall
2012 Rock of Ages
2011 Batman: Year One (video)
2012 John Carter of Mars
2011 Contagion
2011 Red Tails
2011 Leave
2010 Bump (short)
2011 Larry Crowne
2011 Drive
2011 Detachment
2011 The Lincoln Lawyer
2011 The Handlers (TV series short)
2008-2011 Breaking Bad (TV series)
2010 Love Ranch
2010 Glenn Martin DDS (TV series)
2005-2010 American Dad! (TV series)
2008 Family Guy (TV series)
2008 The Hollywood Quad (TV movie)
2007 Hard Four
2007 Fallen (TV mini-series)
2006-2007 How I Met Your Mother (TV series)
2000-2006 Malcolm in the Middle (TV series)
2006 Dark Mind
2006 Little Miss Sunshine
2005 Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D (documentary short)
2004 Illusion
2004 Seeing Other People
2003 Lilo & Stitch: The Series (TV series)
2003 Thanksgiving Family Reunion (TV movie)
2001 The Santa Claus Brothers (TV movie)
2001 'Twas the Night (TV movie)
1999-2001 The King of Queens (TV series)
2000-2001 Clerks (TV series)
2000 Terror Tract
2000 The Prince of Light
2000 The Big Thing
1999 The Pretender (TV series)
1999 3rd Rock from the Sun (TV series)
1999 Last Chance
1998 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show (TV series)
1998 Working (TV series)
1998 Chicago Hope (TV series)
1998 The X-Files (TV series)
1996-1998 Diagnosis Murder (TV series)
1998 V.I.P. (TV series)
1998 Saving Private Ryan
1998 From the Earth to the Moon (TV mini-series)
1998 Brooklyn South (TV series)
1994-1997 Seinfeld (TV series)
1997 Time Under Fire
1997 Alright Already (TV series)
1997 Total Security (TV series)
1997 Armitage III: Poly Matrix (video)
1997 Pearl (TV series)
1997 Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (TV series)
1997 Goode Behavior (TV series)
1997 Dogs (TV series)
1997 Babylon 5 (TV series)
1997 Moloney (TV series)
1997 Strategic Command
1996 Street Corner Justice
1996 The Rockford Files: Punishment and Crime (TV movie)
1996 That Thing You Do!
1996 The Louie Show (TV series)
1986-1996 Murder, She Wrote (TV series)
1996 Eagle Riders (TV series)
1995 Nowhere Man (TV series)
1995 Land's End (TV series)
1995 Brotherly Love (TV series)
1995 Touched by an Angel (TV series)
1995 Kissing Miranda (TV movie)
1995 Extreme Blue (TV movie)
1994 The Companion (video)
1994 Macross Plus (video)
1994 Clean Slate
1994 Walker, Texas Ranger (TV series)
1994 Viper (TV series)
1994 Men Who Hate Women & the Women Who Love Them (TV movie)
1994 Erotique
1994 Days Like This (TV movie)
1994 Teknoman (TV series)
1994 Armitage III (video)
1993 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (TV series)
1993 Prophet of Evil: The Ervil LeBaron Story (TV movie)
1993 The Disappearance of Nora (TV movie)
1993 Moldiver (video short)
1992 L.A. Law (TV series)
1987-1991 Matlock (TV series)
1991 Dead Silence (TV movie)
1991 The Flash (TV series)
1991 Dead Space
1990 Corporate Affairs
1990 Jake and the Fatman (TV series)
1990 Capital News (TV series)
1990 Hull High (TV series)
1989 Baywatch (TV series)
1989 I Know My First Name Is Steven (TV movie)
1989 Falcon Crest (TV series)
1988 Raising Miranda (TV series)
1988 The Big Turnaround
1987 Amazon Women on the Moon
1987 The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (TV movie)
1987 Hill Street Blues (TV series)
1987 Wings of Honneamise
1986 North and South, Book II (TV mini-series)
1986 Airwolf (TV series)
1985 One Life to Live (TV series)
1985 Cover Up (TV series)
1983 Loving (TV series)
1982 CHiPs (TV series)




5' 10 1/2" (1.79 m)


"It's all about the written word. Whatever's well-written. It doesn't matter if it's features, or children's stories... it's all about the written word. And it could come in any different form, but that's the criteria. That's it for me."

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