Brooke LaBarbara


Date Of Birth

7 March,1982


Brooke LaBarbera comes from Nashville, Tennessee. She was raised by two clinical psychologists in a secluded environment. She has come a long way from being a southern gal. She is a total extrovert who is very much in touch with her sexuality.

Ultimately, she became part of the reality show The Real World season 18. This show gives her the opportunity to further express herself and uplifts her chances of reaching stardom.

Place of Birth

Nashville, Tennesee

Birth Name

Brooke LaBarbera



Fun Facts

-Was featured in "Maxim Magazine" before she ever did "The Real World" at age 21.
-Long history of charity and volunteer work.
- Outspoken about her bi-sexuality.
- Her parents are both psychologists.
-Has talked openly about suffering from anxiety and depression.
-Chosen for the voting tour "Decision 2008"
- Was featured on E! and VH1, as well as MTV
-Named "Best Looking" in her senior class in highschool




The Real World Denver

"The Gauntlet 3"

"The Duel 2"


- Brookie/Brookey
- Southern Belle




"Don't you ever!-talk to me like that!-ever again!!!!!"

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