The sexy and confident Brooke has nothing to hide, especially since she’s one self-proclaimed diva. She makes sure no one gets in her way, letting people know that messing with her is a big mistake. Despite her impulsive attitude, she concerns herself greatly with her future. She knows that both time and beauty are truly valuable, particularly for the multitudes of men perpetually on her trail.

Brooke is actually one of the stars of E!’s Candy Girls, a group of ladies who have been prominent in showbiz due to their appearances on several music videos. To name a few, there are a number of hip-hop greats like Kanye West, Jay-Z and Outkast. But despite the ladies’ roles in the background, they’re still very involved in what really matters. It’s not just about appearances with this bunch. Danielle, Brooke, Terricka, Olivia, Blanca, April and Kysha are definitely out to offer something more.

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